Con Quests the Podcast

Con Quests the Podcast

Join Joyce and Lily as they get ready to explore different fandoms: comic con, anime conventions, K-pop concerts, and whatever else they can afford!

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    Pre-Anime Boston 2019: Part 1

    We're BACK! It's been a while, sorry! But it's the best time of the year, Anime Boston, aka the home con. We're so excited for this season, we've got guests, big topics, and lots of fun planned!

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    Post-Anime NYC 2018

    We wrap up our thoughts on Anime NYC 2018!

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    Pre-Anime NYC: Part 3

    It's one week away from the con! And this episode features a special guest, their roommate and con-buddy, Melissa to discuss their cosplays and her thoughts on Anime NYC. It's down to the last few days before Con Quests heads out to New York, get excited! Also we discuss a SPOILER ALERT for a character death in RWBY. You've been warned.

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    Pre-Anime NYC: Part 2

    We're back! Sorry we're a little behind, but we're back on track and getting ready for Anime NYC year 2. In this episode we talk about the schedule of panels, meet-ups, and how we're looking forward to spending our con.

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    Pre-Anime NYC 2018: Part 1

    We delve into Anime NYC's history and our general thoughts on the con.

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    Post-Boston Comic Con 2018

    What our Boston Comic Con experience was like this year, and what we hope for in next year's.

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    Post-KCON NY 2018

    What our KCON NY experience was like this year, and what we hope for in next year's.

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